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Mid Row Ripping

The Ag Soilworks patented Mid-row Vibrosoiler is a twin Ripper with Winged Keel and rollers. Ideal for vineyard, and orchard rejuvenation.


  • Crops struggling because of poor soil physical condition
  • Lack of moisture infiltration
  • Fields suffering because of premature leaf senescence
  • Sun burnt fruit and variable ripening
  • Poor growth and vigour
  • Wheel track compaction
  • Salinity, sodicity and boric soils

Vibrosoiler ripping enables plant roots to explore greater soil volume and allow water penetration into the soil profile, therefore increasing water availability. As a result, root aeration and drainage is improved and roots gain access to previously untapped reserves of soil nutrients increasing the crop potential. The ripping depth is up to 36" deep with two tines fitted with wings from 5" to 12" vibrating at up to twice per second. It is adjustable for ripping various row spacing down to 5ft wide. This mid row unit creates three to four times the worked soil volume of a standard ripper and can incorporate organic matter and topsoil through the profile if required.

The unit creates a 3' breakout per shank with the vibrating wings, one pass will last two to three times standard ripping. It is common to see the three foot breakout per time addressing compaction or pans between rows.

Rip Every Second Row
"We rip every second row every second year & reduced our inputs substantially." JC
Remove Soil Compaction
Lateral cracking into vine row within 6" of vine to remove soil compaction.
Vibrosoiler MK III - 8ft Plus Rows
Require 100hp large frame tractor, ideally matched to John Deere 6000 full weights


2002 Commonwealth Research & Scientific Investigation Australia Study
“Ameliorating soil constraints to improve performance of established vineyards. The use of the mid row Vibrosoiler led to a 14% increase in yields in medium textured soils that were suffering compaction problems and a 7% increase in yield on light-textured soils.”
Dr Dean Lanyon

Clean Finish
Good finish ripping performed with good soil moisture without level bar.
Vibrating Action
Outline showing pulsing action of breakout. Ripping depth of 2ft.
Narrow Rows - MK III Small Vine
Operating in narrow rows in Napa, 2ft breakout through to other side of row