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Mid Row Ripper Vibrosoilerâ„¢

BUILT TO LAST the patented Soilworks Vibrosoiler® incorporates our patented vibrating wing technology taking the best of winged shank ripping into the 21st century.

The Vibrosoiler® unit has been designed as a one pass machine fitted with optional ring rollers leaving a clean finish and eliminating the need for post ripping cultivation.

The Vibrosoiler® is easily adaptable with the ripping width and position of the shanks adjustable in the field allowing precision ripping tailored to row width, soil type and moisture content.


  • Adjustable parabolic curved ripper with 8” vibrating winged keel
  • Maximum ripping depth of 36”
  • Operated by 110hp JD6000 or similar or 80HP Crawler, Yanmar/Landini
  • Low hydraulic requirements - oil flow of 7 gallons (26 liters)/minute
  • Adjustable shank widths to suit different soils
  • 3 shank depth positions from 2ft - 3ft (600 - 900mm)
  • Optional wing sizes available from 6 - 10” (150 - 250mm)
  • Optional ring rollers - 2ft (500mm) wide
  • Adjustable to fit various row widths
  • Interchangeable wear parts available from dealer
  • Optional fitting with a sub-surface drip tube installer
  • Robust construction, easy to operate and low maintenance

Available in Various Width Models

  • Mk III suitable for 8 - 12ft vineyard & orchard rows
  • Mk III ‘Small Vine’ suitable for 5 - 7ft rows
  • Mk III Orchard units available by order. Please contact us today.


Vibrosoiler® ripping enables plant roots to explore greater soil volume and allow water penetration into the soil profile, therefore increasing water availability. As a result, root aeration and drainage is improved and roots gain access to previously untapped reserves of soil nutrients increasing the crop yield potential.

SOILWORKS benefits

  • Roots can explore greater soil volumes
  • Increased water penetration into soil profile
  • Improved root aeration and drainage
  • Roots gain access to untapped reserves of soil nutrients
  • Increased plant growth and vigour
  • Long term improvement of soil condition
  • Repairs tractor compaction and plow pan
  • Improves plant performance in saline, sodic and boric soils


  • Gains in Water Efficiency
  • Vineyard water usage down by 30%
  • Water infiltration 24” (600mm) from a rainfall event vs 4”
  • (100mm) infiltration in non ripped areas
  • Increase in Crop Yield
  • Proven CSIRO results with 14% increase in vineyard yield
  • 25% increase in yield of Chardonnay
  • 20% increase in yield of Shiraz
Conventional Ripper
Poor breakout with limited benefit. Requires ripping very close to vine.
Vibrating Wing - Removes Soil Compaction
The Vibrosoiler® provides 4 plus times soil breakout from that of a standard ripper with minimal root pruning and lateral breakout to within 6 - 8” of the vine. This removes tractor compaction and the plow pan and increases water and nutrient penetration into the soil profile.

The diagram below shows the soil dynamics of the Vibrosoiler® Vibrating ripper. The vertical arrow shows the vibrating direction of the ripper and the horizontal arrows indicate the direction of soil movement. ILLUSTRATIONS COURTESY OF ALF CASS, SOIL SCIENTIST, PhD