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Precision Spreading Services

AgSoilworks is excited to announce it has added precision spreading to its line of soil-first field services for growers in the Western U.S.

Since 2000, AgSoilworks has been a leader in precision development and ripping services, so it was only natural that we complement our offering with precision spreading services to provide growers with the best nutrients for improving soil and crop health.

Precision Spreading Service Benefits

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of AgSoilworks’ precision spreading services:

  • GPS precision and variable-rate mapping allow our spreaders to distribute the right amount of product exactly where your crop needs it for optimal production.                                                                          
  • Cutting-edge equipment allows our operators to straddle rows and cover more acreage, cutting costs and getting soil amendments and fertilizer applied more accurately and efficiently. 
  • Partnering with Holloway to become your one-stop shop, meaning we take care of it all, from agronomic recommendations to handling custom blending, amendment and fertilizer delivery, applications and managing the entire process.

The AgSoilworks Difference

While traditional ripping and spreading services struggle to deliver nutrients deep into the soil profile, AgSoilworks’ two-pass system ensures amendments and fertilizer are applied directly to the root zone.

  • In its first pass, AgSoilworks’ proprietary Vibrosoiler ripping technology breaks up hard soils and provides three to five times the breakout of traditional ripping methods.
  • AgSoilworks then follows the first pass with its precision spreading equipment to deliver fertilizer and amendments where your crop needs it most – in the root zone.
    While traditional spreaders and tractors can get stuck in the delve, AgSoilworks’ new maximiser spreader truck can straddle the row and deliver precision, GPS calibrated inputs with accuracy and efficiency.
  • After amendments are added, AgSoilworks follows with a second ripping pass that blends and mixes the soil and amendments/nutrients, to create a homogenous root zone, with no compaction and optimal conditions for planting.

Using this AgSoilworks’ precision and spreading services will greatly enhance your ability to tailor your development and applications to meet soil and crop need, while cutting back labor and equipment costs.