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Forestry Development

Specialising in forestry and horticulture, the Soilworks Australia™ team has been researching, designing and developing advanced ripping and mounding technology since 2001.

Soilworks is one of the most experienced forestry development teams in Australia. Headed by founder Randal Tomich, the team has over 35 years experience in forestry and agricultural land development, including the establishment of 5,000 hectare forests and the ongoing management of 500 hectares of Blue gum forest in South Australia.

Using a combination of surveying and GPS-guided technology, applications are adaptable to varying terrain and work can include clearing, site preparation, surveying, ripping, mounding and planting. The team is able to manage all aspects of the project, with all work guaranteed to specification.
With demonstrated results and a dedicated team, Soilworks Australia offers a range
of forestry solutions to maximise yield potential across new developments or established sites.

  • Experienced operators with over 5000ha rip/mounding
  • Two Cat Challenger 95 E, tuned up to 450hp
  • Parabolic curved ripper to 6ft
  • Parabolic curved vibrating winged ripper to 6ft
  • Duplex soil profile mixing
  • Savannah 6 disc mounder with roller
  • GPS alignment-RTK sub .8” accuracy
  • Block set out and grading using surveyors data
  • Firebreak & Headland grading
Vibrosoiler Ripper
Disc Mounder
Soilworks Mounder