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Testimonials - Woodland Vineyards

Paso Robles, CA (300 Acres)

SOILWORKS CALIFORNIA ripped 160 Acres in January 2007.


  • 20% increase in yield - Syrah
  • 9% increase in yield - Chardonnay
  • Completely Different Vineyard


  • Stratified soils
  • Sandy loam over heavy clay layer


  • Poor water infiltration
  • Salt loading above clay layer
  • Roots not entering fertile clay layer
  • Low drought tolerance
  • Loss of Basal leaves in late season
  • Sodium Chloride toxicity


“It’s been a tough season in Paso Robles with many growers recording 20-30% less yield after severe cold damage. We employed the Vibrosoiler on 160 acres. The results were outstanding with a 9% increase in Chardonnay and a 20% increase in Syrah over last season. We will be using the Soilworks Vibrosoiler on the rest of our vineyard next season.” ~ Robert Woodland, Grower

“It’s a completely different vineyard in respect to overall vine health and balance as compared to last year.” ~ Napoleon Ruiz, Field Rep Courtside Cellars

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