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Testimonials - Laura's Vineyard

Paso Robles, CA (278 Acres)

SOILWORKS CALIFORNIA ripped 276 Acres in January 2007.

  • No run off irrigation
  • Basal leaves retained


  • Heavy cracking clay SOIL ISSUES
  • Roots restricted to growing between pris- matic structure
  • Poor soil structure
  • Salt and bicarbonate issues
  • Poor water infiltration
  • Soil crusting


“The Soilworks Vibrosoiler essentially increased overall rooting area by breaking very large prismatic soil structures into smaller more favorable angular blocky structured soils creating increased vigor and drought tolerance.” ~ Steve Vierra, Soil Scientist

“Virtually no run-off as compared to before. Basal leaves retained color and stayed on the vine. Better response to nutrition applications due to the soil aeration. Better cover crop. We plan to use Soilworks again next season.” ~ Elias Chairez, Vineyard Manager

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