Why Use VibroSoiler


Increasing Crop Productivity & Water Efficiency

Vibrosoiler® ripping enables plant roots to explore greater soil volume and allow water penetration into the soil profile, therefore increasing water availability. As a result, root aeration and drainage is improved and roots gain access to previously untapped reserves of soil nutrients increasing the crop yield potential.


• Plant roots can explore greater soil volumes
• Increased water penetration into soil profile
• Improved root aeration and drainage
• Roots gain access to untapped reserves of soil nutrients
• Increased plant growth and vigour
• Long term improvement of soil condition


Gains in Water Efficiency

  • Vineyard water usage down by 30%
  • Water infiltration 24" (600mm) from a rainfall event vs 4" (100mm) infiltration in non ripped areas

Increase in Crop Yield

  • Proven CSIRO results with 14% increase in vineyard yield
  • 25% increase in yield of Chardonnay
  • 20% increase in yield of Shiraz

The diagram below shows the soil dynamics of the Vibrosoiler® Vibrating ripper. The vertical arrows shows the vibrating direction of the ripper and the horizontal arrows indicate the direction of soil movement. ILLUSTRATIONS COURTESY OF DEAN LANYON, SOIL SCIENTIST, PhD