What is the Difference

Ag Soilworks specializes in precision soil improvements in viticulture, orchards and forestry. Our precision ripping and development technology has been developed over the past 10 years in consultation with soil scientists, mechanical engineers and growers and is endorsed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) of Australia.


Our development process focuses on sustainability and water efficiency. Our aim is to provide the best soil condition for plant growth, increasing crop yield and quality while reducing water usage. This is supported by a recent study funded by the Grape Wine Research Development Corporation which found a 35% saving in irrigation in commercial vineyards that have been developed using Ag Soilworks farming techniques.


  • Deep Ripping using Ag Soilworks Vibrosoiler® vibrating winged keel ripper
  • Delving Pass – delving planting row and blending of amendments to depth
  • Bedding & Mounding – concentrating organic matter to planting zone
  • Mid Row Vibrosoiler® Ripping (established vineyards and orchards)

Headed by founder, Randal Tomich in Australia with John Crossland in California, Ag Soilworks has over 60 years combined viticultural and horticultural experience. Our association with soil scientists, including Alf Cass, PhD, John Rasic and Kym Luitjes have proved valuable in developing and continuosly improving the best techniques in permanent crop establishment.

The company was formed following extensive research and trial which found that traditional ripping practices produced inadequate results of low soil breakout volume, soil erosion and rip-line subsidence. Furthermore, traditional development techniques lacked precision in delivery and produced inconsistencies in soil volume within rows.

Our extensive efforts have resulted in  the patented Ag Soilworks Establishment System which enables Vibrosoiler Ripping, mixing and bedding in a single GPS-guided pass.

Using precision farming techniques, the technology has applications across both new developments and established sites with all work performed to specification.

With demonstrated results and a dedicated team, Ag Soilworks offers a range of solutions to maximize your crop potential.

AG SOILWORKS – leaders in the field